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Fred Hopwood

  • Sutherland Bros. Band 1971 L.P Island records - Reissued CBS 1977

  • Sutherland Bros. Band ‘The Pie’ single Island records

  • Sutherland Bros. Band ‘Sailing’ single Island records

  • Sailng also on ‘Lifeboat’ album Columbia U.S.A 1972

  • Sailing Island records 1976

  • McShane ‘Second Hand Melodies E.P 1976 Canon Records

  • Leonard & Squire ‘Broken Down Gentlemen’ L.P 1976 Rubber RecordsR.Cajun& the Zydeco Bros ‘Bayou Rhythms’ L.P 1984 Moonraker Records

  • Sutherland Bros.Band album & Lifeboat album re-released on Columbia Sony rewind C.D series 2001

  • Very Best of the Sutherland Brothers and Quiver – Sony Rewind CD 2002

  • Halycon Days Dr.Strangely Strange new release 1970s material Hux Records

Dave Blant

  • Steve Womack ‘Northern Comfort’ L.P

  • Marsden, Blant and Squire ‘Trio’ Rivet Records 2003

Fred & Dave

  • R.Cajun & the Zydeco Bros ‘Pig Sticking in Arcadia’ L.P 1987 Discethnique

  • R.Cajun & the Zydeco Bros ‘Out of the Swamp, L.P 1989 Bearcat Records

  • R.Cajun & the Zydeco Bros ‘Don’t Leave the Floor’ C.D 1991 Bearcat Records

  • Cuckoos Nest ‘Common Land’ compilation 1991 Scarecrow records

  • Yeah Jazz ‘April’ E.P 1991 C.D Tubecroft Records / 1992 Native Records

  • R.Cajun & the Zydeco Bros C.D ‘No Known Cure’ C.D 1993 Bearcat Records

  • R.Cajun & the Zydeco Bros C.D ‘That Cajun Thing 1994 Bearcat Records

  • Vice-Bishops of Uttoxeter C.D ‘Dances & Dirges’ 1995 Smalltown Records

  • Good Rockin’ Dave/ Zydeco Hotrods Cass. ‘Zydeco Groove’ Smalltown Records

  • Yeah Jazz ‘A tribute to Felt’ compilation 1995 Elephant Records

  • Yeah Jazz aka Big Red Kite C.D ‘Short Stories’ 1996 Scout Records

  • Yeah Jazz C.D ‘Songs from Biscuit Town’ 2000 Smalltown Records

  • Vice-Bishops’ Blues Band C.D ‘House of Cards’ 2000 Smalltown Records

  • R.Cajun & the Zydeco Bros C.D ‘Get Up, Get Down’ 2000 Bearcat Records

  • Vice-Bishops’ Blues Band ‘Best of British’ compilation 2001 Abacabe Records

  • Pete Oakley C.D ‘Long Shadows’ 2002 Gaslight Records

  • Vice-Bishops’ Blues Band CD ‘Caught in the Crossfire’ 2004 Smalltown Records

  • Zydeco Hot Rods Zydeco groove CD Smalltown records

  • Vice-Bishops of Uttoxeter Airs & Disgraces Smalltown records